X-ray Technician


Educational Objective:

To train students to acquire satisfactory skills and demonstrate competence in radiographic examinations to be performed within the scope of the x-ray technician categories of Chest, Extremities and Torsoskeletal anatomical areas of the body. The graduate of the X-ray Technician Program will be eligible for an entry-level position as an X-ray Technician in a health care facility and will be eligible to sit for the California Department of Public Health , Radiological Health Branch Examinations for X-ray Technician Limited Permit for Categories of Chest, Extremity and Torsoskeletal.


Students enrolling in the X-ray Technician Program must be a Certified Medical Assistant or have prior experience or training equal to a Medical Assistant. (documentation is required). If the student has no prior health care occupation history or training, he or she would be required to enroll in the X-ray Technician/ Medical Assistant Combination Program.

  • Length of Program: 10 months
  • Total Quarter Credit Hours: 38
  • Refer to the resources page for more information