X-ray Tech/MA Assistant


Educational Objective:

To train students to acquire satisfactory skills and demonstrate competence in radiographic examinations to be performed under the scope of the permits of Chest, Torsoskeletal, Extremity categories. Also to train students in satisfactory medical assisting skills, and demonstrate competence of clinical skills for injections, venipuncture and electrocardiography. Upon successful completion, the student will be qualified to assume an entry-level position of X-ray Technician/Medical Assistant in a health care facility. The graduate will be eligible: (1) to sit for the Certifying Board for Medical Assistant Certification Examination (Clinical Area) and, (2) to sit for the Examination administered by the California Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch for X-ray Technician Limited Permit categories of Chest, Extremity, and Torsoskeletal.

  • Length of Program: ~ 1 year
  • Total Quarter Credit Hours: 51
  • Refer to the resources page for more information